How We Work

How We Work
Besides working hard and smart, TRG designs customized working agreements in different ways. Most common are:

Shared, Minimized Risk
Joint venture agreements mean that TRG shares financial interest in an event. This is the best way for publishers, associations, companies, or individuals to lower start up costs and minimize financial risks and liabilities. In this type of agreement, we are your partners – and we'll all make money if the event is successful.
Turn Key Management
Overall exposition or conference management is addressed in a management contract, where specific duties and responsibilities are assigned. Typically, a monthly management fee is augmented with an incentive bonus for exceeding goals. Click here for a list of all of the different types of services that TRG provides to clients.
Component Management
Different parts of an event can be managed by TRG and are usually handled on a fee basis, or a fee plus incentive. Click here to see the different types of services that TRG can provide.

Since TRG is able to spread overhead and staff costs over the many events and organizations we produce and manage, it is usually far more cost-effective to partner / outsource most or all of your event management than it is for you to handle it in-house. We are happy to provide a proposal reflecting your specific needs.

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